Lifestyle Overview

A General Overview of the Cuckold & Hotwife Lifestyle

“Hotwifing and cuckolding are styles of ethical non-monogamy that both emphasize a woman having sexual and/or erotic relationships and encounters outside of her primary partnership to the enjoyment of both herself and her primary male partner.

Generally speaking, hotwifing isn’t about humiliation, while cuckolding can be

Who is a cuckold?

Cuckold & Hotwife Lifestyle

Historically, a cuckold is a husband who has been betrayed by his wife, as she was cheating with a different man.

By definition only a wife can cuckold her husband, not the other way around. By having sex with another man, the wife makes her husband a cuckold.

In the world of porn, cuckolding usually refers to a man who witnesses his wife engaging in a sexual act with another man, often of a different ethnicity.

But more recently, a cuckold is also considered a man who encourages his wife to have sexual adventures with other men, and gains pleasure from it. And this is how I categorize myself…a supporting and encouraging husband, who performs well, but I just simply want my wife to be raised to unimaginable pleasures!

The Typical Cuckold

It appears that the vast majority of cuckolds are men in their 30s and up, and living comfortable lifestyles. They are usually married or have remained in long-term relationships.

They are usually alpha males with above-average intelligence, hold executive positions in their work and earn above-average incomes. Due to all of this, they need more mental stimulation than the average man.

The men are almost always the ones who bring up the idea about the cuckold lifestyle.

Types of Cuckold

According to the book, “Cuckold Coach” written by Kole Raymond, there are two types of cuckolds, “original cuckolds” and “modern cuckolds”.

The original cuckolds are those who couldn’t satisfy her wife, thus she decided to cheat on him. On the other side, a modern cuckold, is one who initiates his woman’s infidelity while remaining in love with her.

As far as hotwifing, what is the term used for women who cheat on their husband?

A sexually uninhibited married woman with both the freedom and inclination/desire to enjoy sex with both her husband and other men is commonly refer to as a cuckoldress. However, there are other common terms widely accepted, like hot wife, queen of spades, slut wife or MILF.

Cuckold & Hotwife Lifestyle

Common Terminology

Hotwife: a woman who has sex with other men outside of her primary relationship

Cuckold: a man who derives pleasure from having his female partner have erotic/sexual encounters with other men while also being humiliated or submissive

Stag: The male half of a relationship who allows and finds sexual gratification in allowing and even encouraging his female partner to have sex with other men. Not to be confused with the CUCKOLD relationship where the male is typically weak and into humiliation. Stags are dominant but want to share their women.

Bull: a man who joins a woman for sexual encounters (not her primary partner)





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