Turning your wife into a Hotwife

Turning your Wife into a Hotwife

In the lifestyle, couples normally have rules. These rules are put in place so couples know their boundaries and limits. Hotwifing as with swinging is no different. With hotwifing, most couples have set rules about kissing other men. It is a controversial issue since men vary in their wishes and fantasies towards it. Some men would get off at the idea of their wives or significant other kissing another man and being intimate while others would never like to even imagine let alone see their wives or girlfriends kissing someone else.

There are various reasons for both this varying opinions and varying degrees of a hot wife kissing another man. However, the thought of another man igniting this level of intimacy can be a great source of motivation for a woman and really heighten their desires.

There are a number of reasons behind a husband agreeing to watch his wife make out with another man. This doesn’t mean he don’ lover her, this could mostly be based on him wanting to make her happy. In some cases, a man feel that his wife would be re-inspired by the excitement of making out with a new man. After all, kissing a new man is something that brings back a certain level of youth and freedom. Many women would be astonished to see how many men would be into their wives being intimate with another man.

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If a man is comfortable with his relationship and really trusts his wife, kissing may not be seen as intimacy because what they share is far more powerful. If a husband is not sure of how he feels, he can approach the situation with caution. This can be put in motion by either the husband or wife starting to initiate some level of kissing, be it hello and goodbye kisses with their swinging partner. Then gradually making the kisses and hugging a little longer each time while enjoying the intimacy. The husband can see how he feels about the situation and let his partner know if this is something he can be comfortable with. It is important for a couple to assure each other that they are not looking to lose the other person, but rather that they are excited about the new experience that they can experience together.

For this to work, it is essential that both partners in the relationship like and trust their swinging partner. The great thing about kissing and making out is that you can just leave it at that, or pursue more. That’s up to you and your mate to decide. A woman shouldn’t be offended that her husband would allow this. It is because her husband trusts her and wants to share in her beauty that is inspiring this type of relationship. This might sound like a fantasy but it is also a wonderful way of renewing your relationship and sharing something intimate with each other.

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