The Guy From the Laundromat

Bisexual Oral Sex

Tasting Cock On Her LipsOur washer and dryer are broken and we haven’t gotten new ones yet, so I’ve been at the laundromat for a few hours. While I’m there, I meet a really handsome man named Pete. He and I have been talking and have some great chemistry.

My husband, Jay, arrives 10 minutes after I text him letting him know I’m almost done folding the last of the laundry. When he comes in, I’m laughing with Pete.

Jay comes over to me with a smile and plants a kiss on my cheek, “Hey babe.”

“Hi. I’ve just finished folding. Oh! Where are my manners? Pete, this is my husband, Jay. Jay, this is Pete. He’s been keeping me amused today.”

The two of them shake hands. I can tell by the way my husband checks him out that he approves.

After Jay puts our baskets in the SUV, he comes back in to the laundromat.

“I was wondering if we could invite Pete over for dinner? He’s new to the area and needs some new friends.”

Jay smiles and says, “Of course. Why don’t you stop by our house around 7pm tonight, Pete?”

“Sounds great.”

At 7pm, Pete shows up at our house with a bottle of wine. We drink it while we eat. Our conversation is fun.

After dinner, we go into the living room to talk more. We are all feeling a little tipsy from the wine.

I sit down next to Pete on the couch after getting us all refills of wine. “So why don’t you have a woman in your life, Pete?”

He sips his wine with a smile and then says, “I’m too greedy.”

Jay is sitting on a recliner. “Greedy how?”

“I don’t want to be tied down to anyone just yet. It would make me have to decide on which side of the fence I want to play on for the rest of my life.”

I look at Jay with a little grin, then look at Pete again. “So you’re bisexual?”

He nods.

Jay smiles. “Then you should find a wife like mine. I’m the same. I go both ways. Sometimes she lets me get it on with a guy.”

Pete looks at me with a surprised interest.

I smile and say, “But only if I can watch when he does.”

“And I like to watch her with other men. As long as I can participate in some way.” Jay winks at me.

Pete grins. “Is that why the two of you invited me here? To see if I would participate in a threesome?”

“We were hoping for something like that,” Jay says. “The thought you banging my wife is a turn on.”

I put my hand on Pete’s leg. “If you’re willing that is.”

Pete smiles and takes my glass. He puts them both down on the coffee table. “You don’t have to ask me twice.”

Jay and I smile.

I stand up and say, “Let’s move this to the bedroom where there is more room.”

In the bedroom, I stand by the bed and take off my sundress. Leaving me in sexy light pink lingerie.

Pete grins at Jay. “You’re wife is beautiful.”

“I think so. She’s got great skills in the bedroom too, which makes her even more beautiful. She gives amazing head. You should take off your clothes and let her show you.”

Pete takes off his clothes. His body is muscular and his cock is long and thick. I lick my lips as I stare at it.

Jay chuckles and says, “Look at how much she wants that big cock of yours. She’s practically drooling.”

I pull Pete over to the bed and sit him down. Jay stands behind me as we both look at him.

“You want that cock, don’t you, babe?”

As Jay removes my bra, I smile and say, “Mmm. I do.”

We can see Pete’s cock twitch.

Jay’s hands caress my body after he removes my panties. “Why don’t you just go ahead and wrap those beautiful lips of yours around that cock? I’ll stay back here and get you nice and wet for him.”

I bend over, spreading my legs some so Jay has a nice view of my ass and pussy. I gently grasp Pete’s cock and start to tease the tip with my tongue. He starts to get hard quickly.

Jay kneels down and starts to run his tongue between my pussy folds. As he turns me on with more licking, I start to slowly pump Pete with my hand and take him in my mouth. Pete moans in delight as he watches me work him and watches Jay work me.

After a couple minutes, Jay stands up and rubs my ass as he says to Pete, “She’s nice and wet for you now. Are you ready to fuck her?”

“Yes. I would love to.”

I stand up and Pete pulls me onto the bed. He lays me on my back and lifts my legs up over his shoulders. He slides into me slowly and I moan with pleasure.

As Jay removes his own clothes, he smiles. “Feel good, baby?”

“He feels amazing inside of me.”

Pete starts to thrust into me faster. Both of us moaning in appreciation of the other.

Jay gets on the bed next to me and starts to stroke himself as he watches Pete get harder with his thrusts. “That’s it! Fuck her tight pussy!”

Pete thrusts harder and harder. My moans getting louder and louder. “Yes, Pete! Yes!”

He stops after a bit and turns me onto my stomach. I get on all fours.

Pete immediately shoves himself inside of me, thrusting hard.

Jay watches, all smiles as he strokes himself more.

I get to a point where I can feel my orgasm coming. “I’m close! Fuck, I’m close!” I’m bucking myself back into Pete’s hard thrusts.

“Me too,” Pete growls.

Jay sits up, “Okay, we can’t have you coming in my wife. Pull out. Babe, you know what to do.”

Pete pulls out and gets off the bed.

I look at Pete as I straddle over Jay’s cock and say, “I’m going to ride out my orgasm on him. You can straddle over him and shoot your load into his mouth. He loves it when guys do that.”

Pete gets back on the bed and kneels over Jay. His dick near Jay’s face. I ride Jay’s cock hard as Pete strokes himself. Jay grabs onto Pete’s ass. Jay and I both moan as we orgasm together. My pussy tightening around his cock, and his juices rushing into me.

I get off of him and move up behind Pete. I start playing with his nipples and he moans.

I kiss his shoulder and say, “Bend over. Let him suck you til you cum.”

Pete bends over some and puts his dick in Jay’s mouth. Jay spreads Pete’s ass cheeks apart and I start to massage his asshole.

Pete moans, “Fuck! I’m gonna come!” He starts to pump his shaft with Jay’s mouth around the tip. I slide my hands down to his balls and squeeze, causing him to grunt and explode into Jay’s mouth.

When he’s done coming, we all fall onto the bed together to catch our breath.

After 5 minutes of us all basking in our post sex bliss, we thank Pete for coming over and playing with us. We see him to the door after he puts his clothes on.

After he leaves, Jay and I embrace.

“That was really hot, babe.”

I smile and we kiss.


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