Cleaning Up Cum (Gallery)

Cleaning Up Cum

I think one of my greatest pleasures that I could ever imagine is cleaning up cum from my hotwife.

My fantasy would be to have a cum party for my wife. Where she falls to her knees and grabs every near possible cock, grabbing onto them, and pointing every dick right toward her as they explode with their hot, sticky cum splashing down across her nose and forehead.

She lets all the guys fill their belly up with cum, and gets covered with lots of delicious and sweet sperm…more than I ever thought it could be possible.

While she continues being covered of fresh cream all around her face, rubbing it into her skin like a lotion; she continues receiving as many loads of cum splashing all her mouth, face, all glazing inside of her mouth with semen pouring down over her chest, making her look glossy, shinny and beautiful.

I am amazed as to how much she is enjoying this party as she is the center of attention, and being treated like a queen – just as she deserves -.

And then as she is barely getting a break from all the sex she just had, she looks at me with a nasty look, and she knows what I want.

She knows that her cuckold husband is thinking about how much I desire to clean up all that sticky cream filling her up and covering her body.

And I gladly approach her, with a complete desire to quench my thirst and my nasty pleasure.

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