Fucked My Wife and Tasted My Own Cum

Fucked my wife and tasted my own cum

I got busted, I was secretly searching the web about my fantasy about eating my own sperm and like most of the straight men, I lose the urge to eat it right after coming.

My wife went on the web site and discovered from the history of searches that I frequently land on your site.

She sent me an email at work with your address on the subject line and I knew i was busted.

When I got home that night my wife was standing and asked me how long have you been keeping that dirty little secret from her.

I said I don’t like to eat sperm, its only a fantasy that quickly disappears after cumming. She quickly replied that she has spent all afternoon reading the responses and she is so turned on just thinking about making me eat sperm that tonight and everynight your fantasy will come true.

We retired to the living room where my horny wife came over and asked me to play with her pussy. when you are ready for your desert, let me know.

This was last friday night. My wife has been horny all weekend. We had sex 5 times, with me eating all 5 loads. My wife’s new found love for creative sex is something I am enjoying so the trade off is worth it. i wonder what will be next.

Of course, you can read more about how much women like when men eat their own cum at one of my prior blog posts.


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