Poll # 4 – Do Women Enjoy Men Eating Cum?

Men Eating Cum

Men Eating CumHave you ever wondered if women enjoy watching men eating cum, whether it is their own or somebody’s else?

As men, we always fantasize about women sucking our dick, and we love when we can cum in their mouth and watch them swallow it. It is certainly a sexual gratification for us, and certainly a common fetish across all men.

But what about the other way around?

Do women like the idea of their partners eating cum? I do believe that this is a fantasy that is becoming more prevalent. Below are some actual opinions posted online:

  • “He doesn’t mind whatsoever and it makes things fun. I would be turned off if he was afraid of it…”
  • “He wants to taste us both. Which turns me on even more, I couldn’t imagine being a woman and finding it a turn off”
  • “Yeah it definitely does. A kiss after cumming is VERY passionate and erotic. After she goes down on me and swallows, i immediately kiss her. Theres just something about it that is really really sexy.”
  • “Yes, yes, yes. I absolutely hate guys who refuse to kiss me after I go down on them. As in, I won’t go down on them anymore if they won’t kiss me afterward. It’s a deal breaker for me regardless of how much I like the guy. I just find it rude and demeaning”

Men Eating Cum

  • “Yeah its kind of degrading when a guy won’t even kiss you after he cums in your mouth. I think its sexy if a guy isn’t afraid of his own cum, will go down on you after he cums in you etc. I’ve never experienced a guy eating his own cum but a guy told me he wanted to snowball when I was younger and I found it weird. Now that im older and more open minded id definetely indulge if he was into that..”
  • “One of the most erotic experiences of my sex life was enjoying some very hot mutual masturbation with a fairly new partner, watching him cum, and then lick it off his fingers. I came right then”
  • “One of my biggest turn-ons is a guy cumming on my chest and licking it off. some guys are really put off by it though. I’ve even had guys refrain from kissing me after i went down on them & swallowed. it’s kind of strange to me because it’s something i thoroughly enjoy, and just don’t see what the big deal is..”

So I decided to conduct a Twitter survey. And the results were very convincing. Women do indeed enjoy men who eat cum.Women Enjoy Men Eating Cum

There are many adventurous women who enjoy the fact of asking their lovers to eat sperm. And many couples, end up loving. I am sure if more couples dare to go this route, would have more fun.

I would love to hear what is your opinion. Share with the community your thoughts and post a comment in this blog.



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    1. Either yours or that of another man. It doesn’t matter. It is the experience of tasting cum after your wife had a wonderful sex experience. That is all that matters.

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