Who Suggested to Jump Into an Open Relationship?

Open Relationship

To start with, I believe it is important to define what is an open relationship before addressing the question of who typically brings this topic to the forefront.

An open relationship is considered where partners are free to engage in sexual affairs with other people outside their marriages.

There are many benefits involved in this lifestyle. Some argue that people involved in an open relationship experience a lower divorce rate.

  • There is no boredom
  • Lower divorce rates
  • Couples can learn other sexual adventures

Now, after we have discussed some of the potential benefits of engaging in this lifestyle. The next question is which partner is more likely to bring this great idea, is it he or she? Of course, my statement presupposes that we are talking about an heterosexual couple. But given the limitations of the survey, I had to frame my question around this setting.

I guess to no one’s surprise, nearly in 3 out of 4 couples, it is the male side who usually takes the initiative, while only approximately 25% of the times, it is only the female who takes the bull by the horn.

Idea About Open Relationship

The one thing I would like to ask to my female readers, is why is there such discrepancy? Why is so prevalent this idea on the male but females rarely decide to take action? Look forward for your comments.

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