Poll # 3 – Sharing a Dick

Sharing a Dick

How kinky are you and your partner? Have you ever thought or even attempted  sharing a dick with your wife or girlfriend?

As I have mentioned before, I consider myself straight and I love pussy, in particular, my wife’s one.

However, I still don’t understand why we as a society have imposed ourselves certain limitations, whose origins trace back to medieval times. This was an era, where those moral and/or social standards were in place to ensure the survival of the society.

But nowadays, I believe we should embrace the time that we live and be open to experiment all types of sexual experiences. Why is sex so different than indulging ourselves in other physical pleasures, like drinking and alcohol? Why do we have relatively limited societal restrictions when it comes to enjoying whether a shot of tequila, a glass of red wine, or a craft beer? Why it doesn’t matter if we want to try a juicy rib-eye, a pizza, a hamburger, or a salad?

I think we all have imposed some sexual beliefs adopted by a society that traces back to many, many years ago. Otherwise, why is it so bad if a man wants to suck a dick? Why do we have to use labels for sexual preferences? Do we label people for their drinking and eating preferences (not for the most part)…???

Sharing a Dick

We all have some perceptual maps and values that I believe doesn’t hold any more in this era. So I would like to promote that everyone should be willing to enjoy and enhance their sexual experience, whether it is with a man, female, or both.

Why limit ourselves to one side, when we can have twice the fun?

As such, I encourage both, men and women to think about it…and be more flexible and open to new experiences.

Having said this, this survey indicates that only 50% of my twitter followers have shared a dick with their partner. This number may not be representative of the total population, as I would like to think this activity would be a lot less.

And now my next question, for those of you who haven’t shared a dick with your partner? Is it because you have imposed yourself certain limitations, or are you afraid to ask your partner? Let me know your comments.
In the meantime, see below the results of the Twitter Poll

Sharing a Dick

No. of Respondents 43
Date of Survey 12/11/2015

2 thoughts on “Poll # 3 – Sharing a Dick

  1. During sex I recently blurted out that I wanted to suck a cock. She has known i was into cuckolding for many years, but not that I had gone to the next level. But now that she knows, she still seems to have no interest in trying it.

    1. I hope she turns around…and look forward to hear back from you when your fantasy turns into a reality! Hope this blog helps you find a solution to convince her…and thanks for posting a comment….

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