Nick the Movie Star

Cock Cage

Let me tell you a little about this husband of mine. His name is Nick and he’s one of the world’s biggest names in action movies. His debut movie a few years ago made him an instant success. Now he’s been making movie after movie.

I met Nick a year and a half ago at a club. I’d seen a few of his movies and thought we was good-looking. When we met at the club, I was with some friends. They pulled me over to the crowd that was surrounding him. I sat there watching the females fawn all over him. I eventually had enough and went over to the bar. He came over to join me. We started talking and I realized what a cocky prick he was. But that didn’t stop me from going back to his hotel room for a night of fucking. Sadly, I ended up disappointed. He had the smallest dick I had ever seen. Such a waste too. A really hot guy with a tiny dick. At least he had enough skills in the fingering department to get me off.

We met again a couple weeks later at a party. I had just been laid off from my job. When he found out, he brought me into a bedroom to “make me feel better”. Being in the sour mood I was, I took it out on him. I made fun of him left and right. But the humiliation just turned him on. It was then that he made me an offer I couldn’t pass up. He told me that if I agreed to marry him and humiliate him often, he would make sure I never had to worry about money again. Also, that he would let me have men on the side who could satisfy me sexually, as long as I made it very discreet. He wanted to make sure we came off as a “regular” couple. We got married two weeks later.

So fast forward to the present. I have come to the city where he is filming his latest movie. When I travel to the places he is filming, we always get a nice hotel room to spend alone time together. Although many times we have one or two people join us for a night of our brand of fun.


I left Nick in our hotel room to get some much needed rest. I had gone out shopping. When I return, I go over to the reception desk to see if there are any messages for Nick or I.

“No ma’am. There are no messages. But your cousin did arrive a half hour ago. Your husband gave him clearance to go up to your suite.”

“My cousin?”

“Yes ma’am. That’s who he said he was. Your husband confirmed it.”

I realize then that Nick must have called a friend of ours to arrange for some company to be sent over. I chuckle and smile, “Sorry if I seemed confused for a moment. We weren’t expecting my cousin until tomorrow. He must have been able to get an extra day off. Thank you.”

“Not a problem. Would you like some help with your bags?”

“No thank you. There aren’t to many. I can manage.”

When I get up to the suite, I walk in quietly. There is no sign of Nick or our guest. I head toward the bedroom to put my bags away. When I get to the bedroom door, I see Nick laying on the bed in just his jeans. The guy is on top of him, completely naked and they are kissing and touching each other hungrily.

“I knew it!” I walk in and put my bags down as they separate quickly.

Nick turns a few shades of red. “Natalia! I didn’t think you’d be back this early!”

“No, it certainly looks like you didn’t.” I shake my head. “Did you think you could have a quick little gay tryst while I was out shopping?”

“I’m not gay.”

I laugh. “Oh you’re not? Then what exactly would you call what I just walked in on? Rehearsal for a role where you play a gay man?”

“Natalia… I…”

“I don’t want to hear your excuses, you little shit. If there is going to be ANY sex in this hotel room while we are staying here, I should be involved. You KNOW those are the rules!”

Nick looks at the guy, then back at me. “Natalia, this is Joe. Joe, this is my wife, Natalia.”

Joe smiles. “I’ll fuck both of you. I don’t mind.”

Nick shakes his head. “No. I don’t have sex with men. Except orally.”

I remove all my clothes and crawl onto the bed. I look at Nick and say, “You’re in the way.” I push him off the bed and he hits the floor with a thud. He looks up at me in shock that I actually pushed him off.

I look Joe up and down. “Perfection. Amazing body, abs to wash clothes on, and an incredibly large cock.”

I lay down and Joe gets on top of me. He kisses me hungrily and I do so back. Our bodies rub against each other. He gets harder and harder.

As he kisses his way down my body, I moan. “Yes, get down there and eat me out, baby.”

As he licks my pussy and sucks my clit, I moan more. “You do that so much better than my husband.”

Nick’s eyes widen. “Excuse me?!”

I roll my eyes. “You can’t lick pussy to save your life.”

Joe licks and sucks me until I am grinding against his face. “Fuck me with that big dick! I want it inside of me!”

Joe hovers over me, putting my legs over his shoulders. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard and so good you won’t remember you have a husband.”

I smile and lick my lips.

He positions the tip of his dick in my opening and slams into me. He fucks me hard and fast. Nick sits on the floor, watching.

When I reach orgasm, Joe works me slowly through it.

“Fuck, that was so good.” I smile and run my hands over his hard abs.

He leans down and kisses me.

“I’m still hard, baby. I need more.”

I grin as I slip away from him. “I know just what to give you.”

I look down at Nick and say, “You’re next.”

Nick shakes his head. “I’ll suck his dick, that’s all. I’m straight.”

I get up, pull him off the floor by his hair and push him over to Joe. “Then start sucking. I’ll be right back.”

Nick starts to suck Joe’s cock. He really gets into it. Sucking it like he’s never had anything so good in his life.

I set up a handheld video camera on the dresser and hit record when I get a good shot set up. I also go to one of my bags and get out a pair of cuffs I know won’t leave marks on wrists and a ball gag.

I walk over to Joe and whisper in his ear, telling him my plan. He smiles and pulls out of Nick’s mouth. Nick gives him a small pout.

Joe grabs Nick’s chin and smiles as he says, “You’ll be getting more. Much more.” He pulls Nick up and starts to kiss his neck.

Nick grins, “You’ve always wanted to kiss someone as famous as me, haven’t you?”

I get behind Nick, pull his arms back behind him and cuff him. I start to undo his pants from the back as Joe starts to kiss and suck on Nick’s nipples.

“He’s going to do more than kiss you, you cocky bastard.” I drop his pants and boxer briefs to the floor.

“He can’t! I’m straight!”

Both Joe and I laugh. I put the ball gag in Nick’s mouth and secure it around his head.

“Bend over gay boy.” I push Nick down so he’s bent over the bed. Wrists cuffed behind him.

I crawl into the bed by his face and say, “Since you tried to keep Joe a secret from me, you’re going to get punished.”

Joe spanks Nick’s ass and Nick’s eyes widen in shock as he lets out a little whimper.

I laugh and say, “Man up, Nicky. You’re going to get the full experience. And it’s all being videotaped.”

Joe spanks him a few more times, harder each time. Nick’s whimpers make Joe and I smile.

I get up, grab some lube and hand it to Joe. He starts to massage some onto Nick’s anus.

Nick can see it all from the long mirrored closets he is facing. He watches as I stroke Joe’s cock with some lube.

“That feels good, baby.” Joe rocks his cock into my grasp.

“Don’t lose it just yet. You need to give my faggot husband, Nicky, a piece of this grand member.”

Joe smiles and smacks Nick’s ass again. Nick lets out a gagged whimper.

I get back on the bed and spread Nick’s butt cheeks wide. I look behind me into his reflection in the mirror and say, “Time to get what you REALLY want, Nicky.”

Joe teases Nick’s hole with his cock a few times before slowly entering him. Nick moans when he does it.

“That’s right little Nicky. Take all of Joe’s cock in you. Show your fans what you are really like.”

Joe moves slowly in and out of him at first. When Nick bucks back against him, he starts moving faster.

I get up and stand behind Joe, caressing his body as he fucks Nick.

“That’s right Joe. Fuck the closeted homo. Give him what he craves.”

Joe pulls Nick up by his arms as he keeps fucking him.

I look at the reflection and say, “Nicky’s got himself a little chubby! If it wasn’t already evident by the moaning that you are enjoying this, your tiny erect penis sure gives you away.”

I move onto the bed and grab Nick’s balls really hard. He whimpers.

“You like this, don’t you, you little freak?!”

Nick nods.

I remove the ball gag and say, “Look at the camera and tell everyone how much you love to get fucked in the ass.”

Nick just looks at me. I grab his chin and face him to the camera. “Say it! Say ‘My name is Nicky and I like to get fucked in the ass like the little gay boy I am.’.”

Between breaths, he says, “My name is Nicky and I like to get fucked in the ass like the little gay boy I am.”

I let go of his chin and say, “That’s a good little faggot.” I slap his dick really hard and he bends back over.

Joe is slamming hard into Nick’s ass now. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

I grin and say, “Turn over Nicky. It’s time to get a nice little cum shower.”

Nick lays down on his back, his hands still cuffed. Joe gets on the bed and straddles over his chest. He jerks himself off quickly until the cum shoots all over Nick’s face. I wipe some excess off of Joe’s cock with my finger and then put it in Nick’s mouth. Nick sucks on my finger greedily.

I smile and say, “You really love cum, don’t you?” I take my finger out of his mouth and tell him to sit up. He does.

“I’m going to take the cuffs off of you. Then you’re going to wipe off your face using your hands. But you’re going to eat the cum off your hands. Do you know why?”

Nick looks at me and says, “Because I love cum.”

“That’s right.”

Joe gets off the bed and gets the video camera. He comes back to the bed and makes sure to get a close up of Nick wiping the cum off his face and licking it off his hands.

When Nick is done, we say goodbye to Joe and he leaves after putting the video camera back on the dresser.

Both Nick and I lay back on the bed. He wraps his arm around me.

“That was fun.”

I smile and say, “You’re so fucking gay.”

Then we kiss and drift off to sleep.

Authored by Natalia Warrington.