Interest of Men in Hotwifing

Interest of Men in Hotwifing

First things first. If you are unfamiliar with the term, “hotwifing”, the term describes both a philosophy of trust and freedom as well as the activity or even the lifestyle of hotwifing itself. Hotwifing might be limited to simply allowing or encouraging the attention of other men toward your wife, or it might include physical contact. This contact might be kissing or touching, or it might be more. The notion of another man paying attention to your wife, or if taken further, becoming romantically physical with your wife, can be a difficult notion to swallow for some men. Other men have found the more open way of thinking to be liberating.

Interest of Men in Hotwifing

Jealously is a natural human emotion, but like many other natural human emotions it isn’t always healthy for us, or for our relationships. Instead of bringing us closer together through jealousy’s frequent need to control, the opposite can happen; a wedge can be driven between couples creating distance. Hotwifing takes a different approach, with the attention of other men showing an interest in your wife it is taken as a compliment, and as providing freedom for your wife to experience feeling as beautiful as you know her to be. The excitement of newness which can come from this attention is a gift from others and an open expression of trust by the husband.

When both husband and wife see the benefits and accept this way of thinking, hotwifing becomes a new thing in common, a bond, and a joy in which both can share. Trust begets trust, and the foundation of trust upon which hotwifing is based can bring a husband and wife closer together as each learns that the excitement of newness is not a threat, but rather a way to bring new joy into a relationship.


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