How to Find a Woman to Cuckold You

Millions of men fantasize about being cuckolds. They want the women they marry to break their vows of fidelity and fuck other men, to openly cheat and embrace the liberal sexuality of the cuckolding lifestyle and all the bliss that it offers. If you’re married and eager to get into cuckolding, read our article on how to get your wife to cuckold you. This article is aimed at single men or soon-to-be single men that want to know how to find a woman to cuckold them.

We’ll start with what I like to think of as pre-production, or the stuff you need to have together before you should consider starting a cuckolding relationship with a new woman.

Have Your Shit Together

This should be obvious, but a cuckolding relationship has a much better chance of success if you have your shit together. No woman wants to date or marry a guy that can’t hold down a job, drives a beater that constantly breaks down, can’t be bothered to dress himself, or comes off as a weak, sniveling weasel. There’s very little that’s attractive about that kind of man, so even if you manage to find a woman to marry and cuckold you, it’s highly unlikely the marriage will last more than a year or two.

If you’re serious about finding a woman to cuckold you then you should be serious about making it work long term. Plus, you’re much more likely to find a woman to have any level of interest in you if you have your shit together.

Learn to Separate Fantasy from Reality

The greatest sin any man makes when trying to bring his sexual fantasies to life is neglecting to consider his wife/girlfriend’s feelings, desires, etc. Cuckolding is super hot for you, but if you make it all about you she’s going to lose interest in an instant. That’s why it’s important to consider the fantasy from both of your perspectives.

Thankfully, since cuckolding involves her fucking guys that make her cum hard it shouldn’t be too difficult to convince her that it’s going to be a deeply pleasurable experience. The most important thing to learn about cuckolding is that if you make it all about her pleasure you’ll find it so much more pleasurable in the end.

Work on Your Patience

Sadly, there are more men in the world that want to be cuckolded than women that want to cuckold their men. That means you’ll need to be patient in your search (it’s also why you should work hard to have your shit together as it will help you stand above the rest of the guys interested in this lifestyle). Don’t get frustrated and give up after just a few months of searching or after a few bad dates. Persevere and you will absolutely be able to find a woman to cuckold you.

Find a Woman to Cuckold You Online

Your search has to start online. It’s really the only place where you can put your very specific desires out there and have them satisfied by someone with an equally kinky mind.

There are a handful of high quality, kink-focused dating and community sites that I recommend you check out:

  • – Unquestionably the web’s biggest and best-organized collection of kink-minded individuals. I recommend you start here. It’s a kink community more than it’s a dating site, but people form genuine relationships here. Join up, participate in the community, and learn more about your fetish and there’s a good chance you’ll meet someone that you can form a long-lasting cuckold relationship with. FetLife is the place to start as it stands head and shoulders above other kink dating sites.
  • (formerly – A long-running kink relationship and personals site. At any given time there’s a small handful of women looking for cuckold relationships, which is where you standing out from the crowd comes in. If you can offer what they’re looking for you can find the right woman for you.
  • /r/CuckoldPersonals at Reddit – Most of the postings here are from cuckolds and bulls, but occasionally a woman pops up looking for a cuckold to start a relationship with. Be sure to post an ad detailing what you offer and what you’re seeking in a cuckold marriage.
  • OK Cupid and Plenty of Fish – These are both mainstream dating sites, so you’re not likely to find a woman into cuckolding there, but they’re free and it can’t hurt to put up a profile. You need to be clear about what you’re seeking; it’s unfair to rope a woman into a coffee date and then spring the cuckolding thing on her.
  • – Build a Tumblr based around your desires to be a cuckold. It takes a long time to find an audience, but this unique social network has become a place where people open up about their sexuality so there’s a chance you’ll come across a woman seeking a cuckold or she’ll find your Tumblr and get in touch. It doesn’t take much time to keep it updated. I recommend you put a little time into writing along with posting pictures/gifs as it will make clear to your audience what you’re looking for.

Do a quick search for “cuckold dating” or “cuckold personals” and you’ll find loads of sites that purport to put you in touch with women that want a cuckold relationship. Each and every one of those sites is bullshit. If you paid any attention to the Ashley Madison hacking scandal from a few years back you probably remember that research into the membership list revealed only a tiny percentage of real women had joined the site, making it virtually impossible for a member to have an affair. That goes double for cuckold dating sites. There aren’t women on there, so don’t waste your money signing up because you’re so eager. Join the community at FetLife and post profiles on the other sites to have the best chance at forming a real cuckold relationship.

You Can Find a Woman to Cuckold You

Reality check: It’s difficult to find a woman to cuckold you. Most cuckold relationships start long after a couple has been together and there’s deep comfort and understanding between them. However, if you’re single and you know what you want you should pursue is wholeheartedly. Have patience, be diligent, and realize that you need to stand out from the crowd of guys that want to be cuckolded.