Cuckold Captions

Being a cuckold is becoming a popular trend, where it is considered a form of recreation as the husband enjoys watching his wife participate in having sex with another man, or even better men.

Wife swapping, hotwifing or cuckolding, are all different lifestyles which add more spice to the traditional monogamous relationships, which can end up being quite boring.

There are many benefits to this type of relationships, including: spice-up a boring relationship, ability to experiment with other women, satisfy your fetish, ensure husband and wife are fully satisfied.

I love this lifestyle and I get turned on by all the cuckold captions I come across in my twitter account. So I am sharing a few pictures and some of the hottest cuckold captions I came across in the last few days:

  • So wait, you want me to fuck hot men and bring thier cum filled condoms home for you to drink?
  • I got on all fours and let him fuck me in his car. Can you taste him?
  • All women have sexual fantasies. The perfect husband is the one who makes them come true. Give and you shall receive.
  • My fantasy was coming to life. My wife was sucking his cock and I had never ben harder.
  • I don’t know, hubby. Did he fuck me? Am I full of his cum? No, I won’t tell you or show you. To find out, you will have to come over here, close your eyes and start licking.
  • He’s going to fuck me and fill me with cum. You’re going to watch, jerk off and cum on my tits. Then yo uwill lick up both his and your messes. Are we clear?
  • I want her to push her cum covered tongue into my mouth after a blow job.

In the meantime, enjoy this cuckold caption gallery.

Which of the captions mentioned above did you like the most? Are you or would you like to be involved in a cuckquean relationship? Leave a comment in my blog.

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